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Callum Akehurst-Ryan

Principal Test Engineer

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Introduction to Callum
What information should be included in an exploratory test charter?
What is the briefing and how does it help?
How do you stay focussed while exploratory testing?
If a team defines acceptance tests to cover the acceptance criteria of a user story and they are all green, why should this team still do exploratory testing?
Is there ever a scenario where exploratory testing is not suitable?
How do you know when you've done enough exploratory testing?
We have automated tests that cover all this, how would you respond to comments like this when people challenge the idea that exploratory testing is necessary?
If there was a system, device or perhaps fictional vehicle that you wanted to test but had no knowledge of it's internal workings or use cases, where would you start?
How do you change the mindset of testers from manual to exploratory?
What are good heuristics to be used in exploratory sessions to gain confidence about what has been tested?
Is there testing that isn't exploratory?
What was your favourite time of testing exploratorially?
Our host Vernon Richards was joined by Callum Akehurst-Ryan to answer all your questions relating to Exploratory Testing.  Callum answered questions covering heuristics, how to debrief your team, the importance of notes and the tools you can use to do.  Plus helping you explain the importance of exploratory testing to your team and when you've done "enough" exploratory testing. A first for an Ask Me Anything - Callum had slides prepared and helped provide a deeper understanding of the answers he gave! You can find a copy of the slides in the resources section. 

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Callum Akehurst-Ryan's profile'

Callum Akehurst-Ryan

Principal Test Engineer

Throughout my 15+ year career I’ve had a variety of roles as a Test Engineer, Test Lead and Agile coach. As a result I have a well rounded approach to leadership in an Agile environment, both as part of test and the wider team. I specialise in full stack exploratory testing, embedding Agile testing into start-ups and quality reporting.
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