Testing Ask Me Anything - Getting Hired

12th July 2023
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Erin Donnelly

Talent Acquisition

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What are some common mistakes or pitfalls that software testers should avoid during the job search and interview process?
Any advice for those of us transitioning careers into software testing?
How do you get your cv through the Auto sift tools used by recruiters?
Are there any emerging trends or changes in the software testing job market that testers should be aware of?
If someone hasn't had the opportunity to develop test automation skills should they apply for a testing role requesting those skills?
Any tips on how to effectively negotiate my salary and benefits package when receiving a job offer?
How vital is it that a CV is limited to two pages?
What’s a good way to build a testing portfolio?
“Automation experience” is in hot demand on job specs - do employers really know what they are asking for?
I am planning to migrate to EU, can you share me some tips so that I can ace my screening interview?
Please advise how to ask and receive feedback from an application or interview process?
I'm preparing for my first testing interview, so I would like to know how can be a technical interview?
Discover the wealth of knowledge shared in this Testing Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on Getting Hired. In this insightful session, Erin Donnelly, a highly experienced Software Tester Recruiter, addresses many pertinent questions raised by the software testing community.

If you're a software tester looking to gain valuable insights about the job market or recruitment process, this recording is a treasure trove of information. Listen as Erin provides expert answers and advice, uncovering the latest trends in software testing recruitment, how to create an outstanding resume, invaluable interview preparation tips, and effective strategies for negotiating job offers. 

Erin's expertise and industry knowledge will help you navigate the competitive job market and stand out as a software tester.

Erin Donnelly's profile'

Erin Donnelly

Talent Acquisition

I'm a recruiter, who used to work solely in hiring Software Testers for organisations across the UK (mainly Scotland and the North of England). Because of this, I'm passionate about furthering the careers of Software Testers and being transparent about hiring practices in this area. I'm also attempting to learn a bit more practically about software testing (thanks Udemy!). These days, I hire across the technology space for one organisation in Scotland. I also help with the Ministry of Testing Edinburgh community, setting up regular events for the local community to learn more and network with like-minded (and different!) individuals. In my spare time, I have hobbies you might do with your pet or granny - going for pretty walks on the beach or in a forest, spending the day reading (I love fantasy), and generally drinking huge amounts of tea whilst I do so! P.S. You can check out a podcast I did around automation testing with Richard Bradshaw here: https://shorturl.at/pwzQ7
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