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Daniel Knott

Head of Software Testing

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How do you approach performance testing for native apps?
For which kind of test would you use XCUITest, Espresso and Appium if you develop an app on android and IOS?
Given the different form factors of mobile devices and operating systems, how do you determine which devices to physically test on?
In your book you recommend a flipped mobile test pyramid with more manual tests and fewer automated tests; do you still think that's the right approach and why?
What are typical ways to create test data for mobile apps?
On teams with people in different roles who work on and interact with testing, how do you suggest sharing the responsibility for testing at different levels?
We test on a large number of mobile devices. How do we change the approach to testing only what's needed instead of test everything because we can?
With the rise of foldable, multi-screen mobile phones, what further challenges are added to the testing effort?
What are mandatory security tests while testing native mobile apps?
For mobile apps that are written in react native and deployed on android and IOS devices, is there a way of streamlining your testing effort to minimise duplication of test suites?
What automation tools would you recommend for testing websites on mobile?
What is the point of Appium if we've now got android Espresso and XCUI native mobile test solutions?
Do you have any tips for regression testing of mobile apps?
What do you think of visual testing like Applitools Eyes?
Would you suggest to write automated checks for the backend API which the mobile app consumes, and forward these tests to the backend team?
How would you approach automated testing for IOT device interaction?
Our host Vernon Richards was joined by Daniel Knott to answer all your questions.
Mobile testing can be different and more challenging compared to non-mobile testing. Daniel has experience in the area of mobile testing for more than 8 years working in different industries and app types. We had a massive range of questions from tools to techniques.

This AMA is kindly sponsored by Sauce Labs. Sauce Labs lets you automate your web and mobile app tests on a variety of different browsers, operating systems and devices, all on the world’s largest continuous testing cloud. It's a snap to make sure your code runs smoothly everywhere. Try the 14 day free trial!
Daniel Knott's profile'

Daniel Knott

Head of Software Testing

Daniel loves digital products with high quality being it web or native mobile applications. Currently, he is working as Head of Software Testing at MaibornWolff in Germany, where he shapes the future of testing for his clients. In the past 13 years, he worked as Lead Software Test Engineer for different native mobile apps and products. Daniel wrote two books - Hands-On Mobile App Testing and Smartwatch App Testing and is a frequent blogger at www.adventuresinqa.com and conference speaker. Since 2022 he also created his YouTube Channel about Software Testing.
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