Testing Ask Me Anything - Reliability Engineering

10th January 2023
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Jordan Brennan

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What is reliability engineering?
What do you suggest for people who want to be a reliability engineer?
What metrics do you use for failure?
What's the difference between reliability and performance?
How quickly do you think reliability engineering will become an expected or highly desired component of most software development teams?
How do you merge reliability and speed if your resources are limited? Is reliability in opposition to speed?
How do you estimate reliability testing and what factors need to be considered?
What can you recommend for reporting reliability test findings?
What aptitudes and skills make a good reliability engineer over and above the usual test engineer aptitudes?
With reliability as a focus how does this change communication from requirements, dev, test and feedback?
Do you think SRE fits in a small organisation and when should an organisation consider implementing SRE?
Given a green field app, what would you prioritise from an SRE standpoint?
Other than performance, what roles exist on your SRE team?
How would you take care of data volume and test data quality in a test environment as a reliability engineer?
Have you used Gatling vs. JMeter in performance testing?
How do reliability engineering and testing interact and/or connect?
How would you go about changing the language to embrace the term reliability?
How do you tease out reliability requirements?
How do you create a value proposition for business stakeholders for investigating reliability risks?
How did your reliability engineering team get started?
Explore the essentials of reliability engineering in this informative AMA session with Jordan Brennan, a specialist in the field. 

Jordan demystifies the subject, discussing its roots in Google's innovative approach and its current role in embracing failure to enhance system robustness. From real-world structures at Sky to embracing a DevOps culture, this session is a crash course in understanding the pivotal role of reliability engineering in today's tech landscape.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • The genesis and evolution of reliability engineering.
  • An understanding of the multifaceted role of a site reliability engineer beyond conventional testing.
  • The significance of embracing failure as a norm and learning from it to enhance system reliability and performance.
  • Real-world examples of how embracing a DevOps culture, particularly in reliability engineering, can lead to more robust, resilient software.
Jordan Brennan  's profile'

Jordan Brennan

Senior Performance Engineer

Senior Performance Engineer at Sky
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