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What is the biggest challenge in ensuring testability in a product?Chapter Title
In a non-jargon language can you explain what is testability and can you give examples of what it is not?
Is there a short definition to explain what testability is?
Are all the parts of testability equally important?
How can we measure the testability of a software product?
What do you think is the most important factor in testability and why?
Do you have any tips for getting testability factored in when planning new features with developers and product owners / managers?
What makes a system difficult to test and are there certain smells you can identify early?
Apart from coding domain, what else would I learn to help me with testability work?
Discover the depth of Testability with Ash Winter, the brilliant co-author of '30 Days of Testability' and 'Team Guide to Software Testability'. Ash's dedication and expertise in this area is not just an eye-opener for testers but an invaluable resource for the entire development team.

Understanding testability can be a game-changer. Let Ash be your guide through its intricacies. Watch now and enrich your perspective! 

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Ash Winter's profile'

Ash Winter


Ash Winter is a consulting tester and conference speaker, working as an independent consultant providing testing, performance engineering, and automation of both build and test. He has been a team member delivering mobile apps and web services for start ups and a leader of teams and change for testing consultancies and their clients. He spends most of his time helping teams think about testing problems, asking questions and coaching when invited.
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