Bug Reporting 101

A quick course on raising bugs

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Supercharging Your Bug Reports
  • Define what a bug is and how it differs from other software issues
  • Explain why effective bug reporting matters
  • Identify the key elements of an effective bug report using the PEOPLE mnemonic
  • Tell a compelling story about the bug's impact on users using oracles
  • Extrapolate the potential severity and scope of the bug
  • Evaluate your own and your team's bug reports using the PEOPLE heuristic
Why Bug Reports Fail
  • Discover strategies to help prevent bug reports getting rejected or ignored
  • Investigate and find patterns to turn "unreproducible" bugs into reproducible ones
  • Consider faster alternatives to reports like pairing, post-its or "mentioning in passing" for some bugs
  • Explain why bug counts alone are a poor metric of tester effectiveness
  • Recognise the importance of adding value through communication and relationships, not just bug reports
Easy Exploratory Testing Ideas with Bug Magnet
  • Explain how the Bug Magnet browser extension works and how it aids exploratory testing
  • Understand how varying input data reveals information and potential bugs
  • Appreciate the value of variability and creativity in exploratory testing
  • Leverage tools like Bug Magnet to enhance exploratory testing effectiveness

A short course of bug reporting tips.

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