Introduction to Python for Software Testers

Speed up your testing by learning to script with Python

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In taking this course you will acquire scripting skills that you will be able to use in your job as a software tester. For example, you will learn how to leverage scripting to analyze log files or to create a simple data file or get some random inputs you can use in testing.

This course is not about becoming a programmer and so it does not go into computer science fundamentals or even into much depth on things like clean coding practices. The primary purpose of this course is to make it so that you have an additional tool in your testing tool belt that you can use and so it will focus heavily on enabling you to do things that will be immediately helpful to you as a tester. 

This course is also not a test automation course in the sense of automating regression tests. It is about helping you think about the thousands of other ways you can use a dash of automation to make your life easier. 

To successfully complete this course you will need:

  • general understanding of how to work with computers there is little in the way of expected knowledge for this course.

Resources you will use throughout this course:

  • Python of course :) (we will use version 3 in this course)
  • A full list of exercise files and resources can be found in GitHub. These resources will be referenced throughout the course
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