The Complete Guide To XPath

Learn how to create robust XPath selectors for your automation and much more...

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Defining XPath
  • Describe what XPath is
Basic XPath Syntax And Different XPath Functions
  • Use the basic features of XPath
What Is The Right Platform To Write And Verify XPath
  • Identify the right platform for creating and verifying XPath
Writing XPath using XPath functions
  • Create XPath selectors for different contexts
Learn To Write Relative XPath Without Axes
  • Use XPath without the use of Axes
Learn To Write XPath For SVG Elements
  • Create XPath Selectors for SVG elements
Learn To Write XPath For Shadow DOM Elements
  • Create XPath Selectors for shadow DOM elements
Learn To Write XPath For Iframes And Iframe Elements
  • Create XPath Selectors for iframes and iframe elements
Learn To Write XPath For Invisible Dynamic Elements
  • Create XPath selectors for invisible dynamic elements
Tips And Tricks To Write XPath Efficiently
  • Use different techniques to improve creating XPath selectors
Locators Challenge
  • Create XPath for different contexts

XPaths can be used in a wide range of activities in our products. They can be used for setting up queries for NoSQL databases, search for content in XML documents and, most commonly for testers, used for UI automation. There are many rules and tricks that can be employed with XPath, but it requires an understanding of what XPath are and how they work. That's why in this course you'll have the opportunity to learn all about XPath with Sanjay, to help you become more comfortable in analysing and using XPath in your project.

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