Discussion: Becoming a Better Leader

10th January 2023
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Niranjani Manoharan's profile
Niranjani Manoharan

Engineering Manager, Hippo Insurance

Farah Chabchoub's profile
Farah Chabchoub

Strategic Quality Driver

Jim Holmes's profile
Jim Holmes

Director of QA and Performance

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In this session, our host Laveena Ramchandani, a Software Testing Leader herself, is joined by three other leaders to discuss ways to become a better leader.

  1. Niranjani Manoharan, born in India and now living in California, is an accomplished software engineering leader in building tools, test infrastructure and improving quality and developer productivity for industry leaders. Check out Niranjani's blog to find out a bit more about her.
  2. Jim Holmes, a leasdership expert in many ways, Jim has experience working with teams across many disciplines (sports, IT, community organizations), which led him to write The Leadership Journey, a practical handbook meant to help you learn how to find a leadership style that works for you. Find out more about Jim by checking out his blog.
  3. Farah Chabchoub an active speaker and member of several tech communities, Farah is also an experienced head of QA and a strategic productivity driver. Learn more about Farah by reading and signing up to her newsletter here.

This discussion is a goldmine for anyone stepping into leadership roles or aiming to enhance their leadership skills. The panellists share personal anecdotes, underline the significance of continuous learning, and emphasise the importance of being open to failure as a learning opportunity. They also discuss the value of mentorship and networking, highlighting how leadership is a journey of evolving and adapting. By tuning into this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of leadership, including how to manage diverse teams, the importance of fostering trust and safety within teams, and strategies for personal and professional development. Whether you're a new leader seeking guidance or an experienced manager looking for fresh perspectives, this panel offers valuable lessons on navigating the complexities of leadership in tech.

Niranjani Manoharan's profile'

Niranjani Manoharan

Engineering Manager, Hippo Insurance

An accomplished software engineering leader in building tools, test infrastructure and improving quality and developer productivity for industry pioneers like Lyft, Pinterest, eBay, Twitter and now at Hippo Insurance.

Farah Chabchoub's profile'

Farah Chabchoub

Strategic Quality Driver

Strategic quality manager, with a background in engineering, Farah has been particularly interested in innovation and service quality improvement since her first career steps. After an experience of creating from scratch division, scaling it up, and being a member of the management committee within MANGOPAY, since 2021 Farah has been sharing her expertise by advising managers to create excellent products for customer satisfaction. Her diverse experiences as a service quality expert in startups, scale-ups, and large corporations have sparked her passion for product excellence, business risk impact, and productivity. Farah is a critical thinker, solution-oriented with a coaching and continuous improvement approach, and frequently enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with the product and technical communities as a speaker.
Jim Holmes's profile'

Jim Holmes

Director of QA and Performance

Single Dad. Widower. Geek. Veteran. Noobie firearms enthusiast. Around 35 years IT experience. Author of The Leadership Journey. Coffee Roaster. Former Microsoft MVP for ALM. Past President of CodeMash Conference. Diabetic. Liked 5th grade so much he did it twice. One-time setter, middle blocker, and weakside hitter. Blogger (http://FrazzledDad.com). Big fan of naps.
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