Discussion: How To Get More Involved with the MoT Community

10th January 2023
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Louise Gibbs

Senior Automation Tester

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Ben Dowen

Senior Quality Engineer

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Karen Tests Stuff

Content Creator

Discussion: How To Get More Involved with the MoT Community image

In this Panel Discussion, Bart Knaack is joined by three Ministry of Testing community superstars who discuss how to get involved with this great community and how that can improve your testing career.

  • Louise Gibbs has been involved with Ministry of Testing's community for years now and she's an advocate for sharing knowledge with fellow testers. Louise has spoken at several TestBash conferences, written blogs and she's super skilled at note taking.
  • Karen Todd is also another great community member, who loves to bring people together and educate them about opportunities to support and build with one another. As she says 'Let's do this thing, together!'
  • Ben Dowen also known online as 'The Full Snack Tester', runs the daily celebration of the Testing Community called Tester of The Day. Ben is also an avid blog writer where he's constantly sharing his knowledge with the wider community.

In this engaging panel discussion, our panellists share their personal journeys and strategies for making the most out of the Ministry of Testing (MoT) community. This conversation offers insights into contribution opportunities, the power of sharing and learning, and how to leverage MoT resources for your career development. Discover the value of community, gain tips for getting started with MoT, and learn how to give back and grow within this vibrant community. This panel is a must-watch for anyone looking to enhance their testing career and make meaningful connections in the testing world.

Louise Gibbs's profile'

Louise Gibbs

Senior Automation Tester

Louise is a Senior Automation Tester at PebblePad. Her main job is to review and maintain the automated tests that are run overnight, and investigate the causes of any failures. She has also worked for companies in the e-commerce, scientific research and automotive industries, and runs a personal blog at louisegibbstest.wordpress.com, where she talks about her experiences as a software tester. She enjoys improving her testing skills and her main method for achieving this is by speaking to other Testers and discussing ideas.
Ben Dowen's profile'

Ben Dowen

Senior Quality Engineer

Working professionally in Software Testing for over 11 years I've had the pleasure of working on a range of different software. From enterprise infrastructure and virtualization, web and mobile apps, and more than one back-end service. I like to think I understand how software is built and where it lives, and this helps give me confidence when exploring and identifying risks. I believe delivering software is a team sport, that involves strong collaboration between different people who bring their own skills and experience. It's this belief that leads me to focus on collaborative testing techniques, such as pairing and ensemble exploration.
Karen Tests Stuff's profile'

Karen Tests Stuff

Content Creator

Karen, of Karen Tests Stuff - a curious software tester who loves the testing community with her whole heart. She shares what she's learning with others through her YouTube channel and social media, @KarenTestsStuff. Karen enjoys meeting new and returning friends at conferences, and looks forward to being involved with more communities worldwide.
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