Optimising Manual Test Scripts For An Agile Environment - Matt Archer

About This Course

As organisations move to a leaner way of working it’s not uncommon for teams to blend both traditional and agile practices to create their own unique software delivery pipeline. From a software testing perspective, this can sometimes mean continuing to use manual test scripts.

This bringing together of new and old is often accompanied by a fresh set of challenges and risks. For many teams, gone are the days when hours or even days can be spent creating and maintaining manual test scripts. The pace of agile software delivery will rarely tolerate it.

And here lies the problem. If it is the desire of your organisation or team to use manual test scripts, how can you do so in a way that is compatible with the values and pace of agile software delivery?

This online video course explores how this incompatibility risk can be minimised by challenging you to think about what information is included in your manual test scripts, the language used to describe that information and whether a manual test script is the right location for this information.


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