Strap yourselves in and prepare to witness a live, no holds barred, ragin' cagin' exploratory testing experience. Watch as Adam explores and investigates a mystery piece of software with only his wits, charter and some trusty heuristics to guide him. Throughout the live session, a play-by-play commentary will help you get inside the mind of a skilled exploratory tester and pick up some specific and practical tips on how to consciously interrogate a system, but also help grow your exploratory testing vocabulary so you can better communicate your techniques and your observations.

Takeaways: A live exploratory testing demo will enable the audience to see the following ideas and techniques applied practically and in real time:

  • rapid and visual creation of a testing model
  • conscious and deliberate application of a range of exploratory heuristics
  • credible yet accessible real time reporting on the state of a system
  • effective and lean documentation of an exploratory testing session
  • application of numerous tools and tricks from the utility belt of an explorer