How to Benefit from Being Uncomfortable - Cassandra H. Leung

Cassandra H. Leung
Cassandra H. Leung
How to Benefit from Being Uncomfortable -  Cassandra H. Leung

At TestBash Manchester 2016, I did a 99-second talk on talking and being uncomfortable: approx 33 minutes in.

Since then, a few people have suggested that I turn this into a full talk about learning how to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable, by making yourself uncomfortable!

I feel that we can really benefit from being aware of our emotions, and use the control we have over the situations we find - or put - ourselves into channel our emotions in a way that benefits us, and potentially the people around us.

Situations to make yourself uncomfortable in and benefit from include:

  • Bug advocacy; putting forward a case for why something should be addressed
  • Speaking up in a meeting when you seem to disagree with everyone else
  • Admitting you don't understand something that seems obvious
  • Giving a talk or presentation
  • Approaching new people
  • Singing in public

In most sessions, speakers tell us about their own experiences and give advice on things we can try. But we rarely get to see them in action, doing the things they're suggesting to us. Just like how I nervously recited a cringe-worthy adaptation of 99 problems at the start of my 99 second talk, I also plan to make myself uncomfortable again in front of a live audience - so they can see for themselves that I practice what I preach and that nothing bad will happen if they do the same.


  • How to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • How to actively make yourself uncomfortable
  • How practising and benefiting from the above makes you more comfortable and pro-active than ever!