Learning About WebdriverIO with Ministry of Testing by Nadia Beshir

I was introduced to Ministry of Testing almost two years ago through a retweet. I  was astounded to find out about the community and the tremendous resources provided about the software testing industry, suitable for all expertise levels from beginner to expert. 

The content is continuously evolving. There's always new information being shared, and new technologies and tools being explored. 

As part of my testing role, I build and execute UI automation testing and I have worked with multiple browser automation frameworks previously but found them always to be striving for simplicity. Until I came across WebdriverIO framework and its simple and concise commands. So I started to apply what I am learning but still, resources were limited. 

Again, thanks to Twitter, I came across the news that hands-on training for  WebdriverIO was coming to the Ministry of Testing and would be presented by Julia  Pottinger from Quality Works. She is an expert in manual, automated and API testing and training. 

I didnʼt hesitate to reach out to Ministry of testing and spell out why I need to join this training.  So I submitted my request to the scholarship fund, so I could attend the training. 

I got accepted and it was more than I expected. 

I learnt how to test extensive data and dynamic parts of the web-based application. How to set up and launch different types of browsers hassle-free.  How to support iterations and conditional operations. How to spin tests across multiple test environments. And most importantly, how to integrate the AI-powered visual testing & monitoring platform “Applitools”, as part of my functional tests. 

I mastered the right techniques and scripts and was able to build a compelling case, that I can share among my team and co-workers, who are attentive to know more about the framework and that test automation is no longer an option. 

As I am writing these line, I am also refactoring my test suites and re-applying 

what I learnt.  It’s safe to say, the training has improved how I use UI automation and how I share that knowledge with my team and co-workers. 


Author Bio 

I am a QA Test Engineer from Toronto, Canada. Experienced in building and executing automated UI, API and Performance tests. Certified ISTQB Foundation level and Agile tester. Switched from development to testing 10 years ago.  

Aside from work, I have a great passion for art. It enhances my self-expression and creativity and fuels my confidence as well as my identity.