Learning To Learn - My Struggles And Successes! - Danny Dainton
Danny Dainton

Learning To Learn - My Struggles And Successes! - Danny Dainton


Learning something new is hard! Learning which new testing related subject to focus on is super difficult!

I've never been a natural learner, I have a very poor educational background on paper but my current thirst for knowledge proves that anyone can "learn to learn". I'm a relatively new tester and beginning any new career means that the learning curve is going to be extremely steep!

In this talk, I would like to take you on a journey through my own experiences and walk you through some of the failures and successes, that I've had on my path, to become the tester I am today and my own vision for where I'd like to see myself.

Takeaways: I want people to know that failure is not a bad thing, it's how we learn and grow as people and as Testers. Learning is a very personal thing, there are a number of different methods that I use or have used in the past, in order to find the right fit for me.

I want people to be more vocal about the things that they learn and not to be afraid to share these experiences with others - there will always be someone that finds value in what you share.

Above all, I want people to have fun and don't get bogged down with the pressure of trying to learn everything there is to learn about anything, in one day. We need to take a step back sometimes and celebrate the things that we have learnt so far.