Meet the Contributor Eduardo Fischer

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On this episode of the Ministry of Testing Podcast, Mike chats with Eduardo Fischer about his article on Ministry of Testing: Moving From Software Development To QA: A Road Less Travelled 

They cover 

  • Why they move to development first and not QA?
  • Are Developers just testers at heart really?
  • With hindsight, do you think that companies see you have QA potential and hired you for your skills with a view to moving into QA?
  • What do you do when there is no QA department or person whom you could speak with to raise the bug with
  • The tools and self-learning encountered on the journey from Dev to QA
  • QA vs Dev - working styles

Eduardo Fischer is a quality assurance engineer who focuses on API and UI test automation and is currently working for an international stockbroker.

He discovered his passion for testing during his time as a back-end developer and eventually made testing his full-time job. His hobbies are developing Alexa skills and making models for his 3D printer.

You can find Eduardo on LinkedIn:


This podcast is sponsored by Sauce Labs

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