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Meet the Team behind Xray

Get to know some of the team behind Xray.  Xray are one of our Annual Partners for 2022, supporting our software testing community.

A picture of Sérgio Freire

Sérgio Freire

Sergio Freire is a solution architect and testing advocate, working closely with many teams worldwide from distinct yet highly demanding sectors (Automotive, Health, and Telco among others) to help them achieve great, high-quality, testable products.

By understanding how organizations work, their needs, context and background, processes and quality can be improved, while development and testing can "merge" towards a common goal: provide the best product that stakeholders need.

Cristiano Cunha

Cristiano Cunha is a solution architect and testing advocate, focused in helping teams and organizations to reach the best process that is suitable for them. Taking advantage of his vast knowledge on the delivery lifecycle and his ability to understand organizations, he manages to identify challenges and help surpass those to deliver in a more sustainable, safe, fast and repeatable way.

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A picture of Bruno Conde

Bruno Conde

Bruno Conde is a Software Engineer currently working at Xpand IT. He has been developing professionally for over 12 years, and specializes in product development and enterprise application development using technologies such as Java, Scala, Node JS. For the past 5 years, he has been working in Xray, a Test Management add-on for Jira.

Bruno was the creator, lead developer and project manager of Xray for Jira server. Nowadays he is more focused on porting Xray for Jira Cloud. Bruno is also a mentor of Xray, helping to define new features and also working on existing problems of both Xray server and cloud versions.

Bruno is an active member in the community participating in forums like stackoverflow to both learn new/existing technologies and help others solve problems. Aside from work, he enjoys swimming, surfing and running.

Sofia Neto

Sofia Neto aims to help others get the most out of technology and to “unleash the potential of every team”. She is Head of Ecosystem Experience at Xray and also Founder of Donate IT (a non-for-profit that helps others non-for-profits with pro bono tech projects).

Curious and passionate for learning, her main interests are Teamwork, Collaboration, Agile, DevOps, Social Innovation and Gender Equality.

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Tonislava Docheva

Tonislava Docheva is a Product Marketing Manager for Xray, a Test Management app for Jira. At Xray she is at the intersection of product and marketing, and focuses on advocating for customer needs and championing their success.

She thrives on connecting and interacting with the testing community and creating conversations around the future of software testing and quality. Tonislava’s background is in marketing, content and communication. She’s worked with several fast-growth startups in Silicon Valley and has experience in content strategy, communication and thought leadership.

Picture of Sofia Neto

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