MoT Podcast - Accessibility Panel


In this episode of the Ministry of Testing Podcast, Mike is joined by Syed Ali, Han Toan Lim and Crystal Preston-Watson to discuss the topic of Accessibility Testing.

Crystal is a Quality Engineer that supports accessibility for nonprofit cloud. She is based in Denver, Colorado and has been in tech for 10 years, first starting out as a front-end developer then moving to testing in 2013. She has been involved with accessibility since 2017 first as a QA consultant for Aetna then as an accessibility engineer. 

Han Toan is a senior tester based in the Netherlands. Being visually impaired for the past few years has led to him learning to use all kinds of tools to make his life comfortable. It has changed his way of making things. He blogs about it on

Syed has worked in Testing for 8 years. Throughout that period, he has always advocated for software that is more accessible to people. The most notable recent project he has worked on was the Natwest Business Banking app which won an award. It was also one of the few projects he has been a part of, where Accessibility was thought about from the start of the project.

A transcript for this podcast is available to download either from this link or the lesson resources below.