TestChat 3: Discussing Exploratory Testing


On the 11th October 2017, testers joined the third Ministry of Testing #TestChat to discuss all things Exploratory Testing. Our questions were designed by Mark Winteringham and Richard Bradshaw.

We had four questions during the live chat:

  1. What do you feel the value of exploratory testing is over other testing activities?
  2. What tools do you use to help you with exploratory testing?
  3. How do you record and share discoveries from your exploratory testing?
  4. What’s the best discovery you’ve had during exploratory testing?

We had lots of great benefits of Exploratory Testing shared, a huge amount of tools and some fascinating experiences.  A must read.

Lot's more was discussed during the chat, I encourage you to read the full transcript and continue to vote on the responses. Also, keep an eye on our events page for future #TestChats.

If reading through the chat inspires you, head over to The Club and post some of your own questions on the Exploratory Testing thread.