Testers' Island Discs Ep 4 - Rich Rogers


This week we're (eventually!) joined from Australia by Rich Rogers, to talk about the ever-evolving definitions of quality that we utilise when building software. We chat about customer experience, having empathy for users, and Rich's recent book "Changing Times", and the Three Dimensions of Quality model that it proposes.

On the music front, Rich draws inspiration from three decades of rock, pop and dance, as we learn about the origins of his love for Sheffield United, his early days as a DJ, and which song he found a love for on the maternity ward.

You can follow Rich on Twitter @richrtesting, or visit his website (including his monthly Q&A column) at https://richrtesting.com/.

Rich's Links:
Changing Times: Quality for Humans in a Digital Age
Three Dimensions of Quality blog post

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