Testers' Island Discs Ep51 - Chris Armstrong

  • 01:09:46


In our longest episode to date, Neil gets deep into pretty much everything with fellow podcast aficionado Chris Armstrong. We chat in-depth about Chris’s early career within the games testing industry, looking at some of the fun and not-so-fun aspects of combining work and play. There’s also the perfect chance for Neil and Chris to nerd out about their love of the Football Manager game series.

It’s not just a chat about games though! We get into some thought-provoking and introspective discussions about career progression, examining how we can make opportunities open up for ourselves, and we nerd out uncontrollably about the awesome support that the testing community is always willing to offer up.

On the music front, expect a variety of nu-metal, pop-punk, another Eurovision entry, and one of the unlikeliest 90s pop selections that we’ve had for a long time.

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