Testers' Island Discs Ep52 - Gabbi Trotter
Neil Studd
Gabbi Trotter

  • 00:51:49


In an island first, we welcome a recruiter into our midst, as Gabbi Trotter swims ashore to discuss some of the challenges with hiring software testers. We look at both sides of the coin: what can candidates do to better position themselves for their dream roles, and what can companies do to attract the right talent? 

We get some insider insights on how the recruitment market has evolved since the pandemic began, the perks of interviewing over Zoom, and the rising debate around remote working. And in an unlikely coincidence of scheduling, we once again get into the topic of how you can build your personal brand, especially when you don’t have the time or energy for content creation.

Gabbi brings with her a slate of powerful female musicians, some of whom are making their debut on the podcast, and others which make Neil very happy indeed (you know which one in particular we mean).

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