Your company has grown and your development team is ready to divide into smaller, project-focused groups. Or your development team is already divided and the project teams have started to drift apart. How do you encourage the spark of collaboration and communication between multiple project teams within your organisation?

Join Christine McGarry as she shares the story of how she began The Fellowship of the Test: a gathering of testers to spark collaboration and communication across multiple project teams. Christine will share her experiences and learn about what went well, what was a struggle, and what she learned along the way.

Whether you are a leader of testing within your organisation who is ready to ignite the fire of collaboration or you are an individual tester looking to build a grassroots campaign of a community, you will leave with a series of actions you can take to begin your own journey. (Lord of the Rings references are optional).


  • How we identified project teams were not working as well as a mega-agile team.
  • Tactics to modify the mindset/culture from groups of agile project teams that didn't often communicate with other agile project teams towards a culture of testers as a bridge of communication.
  • Overcoming challenges with remote teams: how to craft the same experience for everyone involved.
  • General tips and suggestions for those who want to try something similar at their organisation.