The Motrix : Lukasz Nowanski - Real world Example of Performance Testing

The Motrix : Lukasz Nowanski - Real world Example of Performance Testing


Based on a real project example Lukasz will show how performance testing helped him find a bottleneck in a microservice that was under development.

Lukasz's talk will cover the following:

  • The approach for building the correct manual performance test plan.
  • Tools used to discover the exact block of code that was responsible for performance degradation.
  • The Automated Performance testing around that microservice in order to use it as an architectural fitness function that helps building evolutionary architectures.
  • The CI/CD pipeline that runs once a day to ensure that certain architectural characteristics of that microservice remains with specific thresholds


Speaker bio: Lukasz Nowanski
I have been designing and developing software for a living for about 18 years now. My career started as a web developer with a strong focus on UI technologies but in time my interests shifted towards backend technologies. During my career in Dell EMC I have worked on Big Data projects designing solutions where the performance of real time streaming applications was one of the key aspects that could determine the success or failure of the proposed solution. In time my focus has shifted to building event driven distributed systems within microservices pattern and backed by RESTful APIs. Testing has always been at the heart of everything I did. I am of the opinion that highly skilled software engineers can only call themselves real professionals if they embrace testing as a must have skill that helps develop reliable and maintainable software.




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