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API Testing 101: Sending our first requests

Learn the fundamentals of APIs so you can level up your API testing
12:00 - 14:00 GMT
Location: Online

In celebration of his recent book release, Testing Web APIs, Mark will be running a series of 99 Minute Workshops on API testing that will take you from beginner to advanced users of APIs. Starting with API Testing 101:

Web APIs are a dominant technology on the Web and testers are increasingly being asked to test them directly. But how do you test an API exactly? How do you create a request and how do you decipher it's response to work out if it's working as expected. In API Testing 101 Mark Winteringham will take you through your first steps of setting up API testing tooling, creating requests to retrieve and store data, and detecting if there are bugs to report.

Join this workshop and start building your foundations in API testing today.