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API Testing 102: Security And More Request Types

Learn how to manage authentication and authorisation to create more advanced API requests
12:00 - 14:00 BST
Location: Online

In celebration of his recent book release, Testing Web APIs, Mark will be running a series of 99 Minute Workshops on API testing that will take you from beginner to advanced users of APIs. The next workshop is API Testing 102:

The focus of a lot of API testing training is on retrieving and creating data within APIs, but in our day to day testing our testing might need to go further. We may be required to work with Web APIs that can update and delete content and we may also have to contend with authorisation and authentication controls to get our requests accepted. In this 99 Minute Workshop we continue our fundamental training in Testing APIs by learning how to navigate security controls on APIs and manipulating data further with the use of PUT, PATCH and DELETE methods.

Join this workshop to continue building your foundations in API testing today.

Note: This workshop is a live only event and will not be recorded.