99-Minute Workshops, the brand new addition to Ministry of Testing’s learning platform available only to our Pro Members.

Our short, instructor-led, workshops are the perfect way to explore and experiment with new ideas, keep updated with new tools and approaches to testing. Broadening your understanding of what it means to be a valuable member of a modern software development team.

API Testing with Postman

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to get started with Postman by using a real-world REST API, how to test HTTP requests, learn to deal with authentication and automate your Postman APIs with Newman. Join Suman Bala on the 6th of January 2021 at 1 PM (New York, US Time).

After this workshop, you will be able to

  • Use Postman to create a request and examine HTTP response in Postman,
  • use different authentication mechanisms like Basic Auth, API Keys, or OAuth,
  • organise tests in collections and team workspace,
  • create a simple workflow using variables in Postman and
  • execute collection of your Postman API tests with Newman.


For more information on the 99-Minute Workshops click here.