Join us for an Ask Me Anything session with Aaron Stearns and Julie Fuelberth from Ranorex and our host Vernon Richards! 

Do you want to understand how DesignWise can work for you?  Maybe you've heard about Robotic Process Automation but not sure how it would work for you?  Ask your questions on The Club thread, or to the crowdcast platform, you can either join us live or catch the recording afterwards!  


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    Aaron Stearns, Julie Fuelberth
    Ask Me Anything

    Ask Ranorex Anything!


    Ask Me Anything


    We have an Ask Me Anything session with Aaron Stearns and Julie Fuelberth from Ranorex. This could be your opportunity to ask about DesignWise or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Or you might want to learn more about their future releases, or how you can integrate Ranorex into your pipeline.

    Add your questions to The Club thread, or to the crowdcast platform! Even if you can’t attend the event live, the recording will be available to watch afterwards. So you’ll get your answer :blush:


    Aaron Stearns
    Aaron Stearns
    Ranorex Solutions Engineer
    Julie Fuelberth
    Julie Fuelberth
    Product Manager
    I have worked in and around software development for the majority of my career. Though I have primarily been in product management, I have experience in customer success and retention, software implementation, testing, human resources and product marketing. I enjoy problem solving, gathering information and creating strategic and productive results. Beyond that, I look for every chance to travel and watch sports.