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  • Wim Selles
  • Automating Hybrid Applications with Appium
    Wim Selles
    99 Minute Workshop

    Automating Hybrid Applications with Appium


    99 Minute Workshop


    When creating a mobile application, organisations have a few options to choose from; mobile web, native or a hybrid application. Where web apps are just websites that can be accessed on the internet via a mobile browser like Chrome or Safari, native apps are applications that are developed for a specific platform such as Android or iOS. Hybrid apps are different because they possess elements from native apps and web apps.

    When automating web applications, Selenium commands are used. Nine out of ten times the same automation script can be used for mobile web applications as our desktop web applications. With native apps, however, we need to look deeper into the differences between Android and iOS apps before we can use Appium commands.

    But how should you automate hybrid apps, can or do you need to choose one of the two automation strategies or is there also a hybrid approach for automating hybrid apps?

    That’s what we are going to look at during this workshop. We will be looking into:

    • how to detect a hybrid application for Android and iOS
    • how to automate a webview
    • how to switch between webviews
    • how to use the full potential of automating hybrid apps

    During this workshop we will be using a demo Hybrid app. After this workshop, you can use this app to explore more opportunities and practice your new skillset.

    By the end of this workshop, you will have written your (first) hybrid cross-platform automation script for Android and iOS hybrid mobile applications.


    • How to detect a hybrid mobile application
    • How to automate a webview
    • How to switch between webviews
    • How to use the full potential of automating hybrid apps


    Wim has produce a pdf contained the pre-reqs and advice on how to get setup ready for the workshop.


    Wim Selles
    Wim Selles
    Sr. Solutions Architect
    Wim Selles is a Solutions Architect for Sauce Labs based in the Netherlands. During the day, he assists customers with solving automation challenges in their organisation. By night, he practices his passion for front-end test automation with Javascript. He likes to create his own Node.JS modules to help and support automation engineers and is also a contributor to multiple open source projects that involve testing, such as WebdriverIO, Protractor, ng-Apimock and many more. Wim also has extensive experience using Appium for automating Hybrid and (React) Native Apps. He enjoys sharing his automation experience as a speaker at conferences like AppiumConf in London and SeleniunConf India, on his blog and during meetups and webinars.