Automation in Testing Online - March Cohort

Hands-on online automation training that gives you the skills to strategise, create, use and educate others about automation that supports your testing.

This Training is now Sold Out! But don't be sad... new dates in June are now available!

Why Cohort? We recently ran a few online editions of Automation in Testing and while the courses went really well, we felt three days in a row online was rather intense for everyone. In the context of this training, a cohort is simply a group of people who will be learning together. By signing up to this course you are joining a group of individuals who will attend each of the online classrooms with you and support during self-learning activities.


Why should I take this course?

Automation is everywhere, it’s popularity and uptake has rocketed in recent years and it’s showing little sign of slowing down. So in order to be successful with automation, all you need to know how to code, right? 
No. While knowing how to code is a great tool in your toolbelt, there is far more to automation than writing code. Beyond learning to code you need to be able to determine:
  • What tests you should create
  • What data your tests require
  • What layer in your application you should write them at
  • What language or framework to use
  • If your testability is good enough
  • If it’s helping you solve your testing problems
  • What value you are getting from automation
Answering those questions is significantly harder than writing the code. Yet our industry is pushing people straight into code and bypassing the theory. Automation in Testing Online aims to help you answer those questions by focusing on not just creating automation, but working out opportunities to use automation as well as advocate for good practises and uses of automation in your team.
By taking you on a journey through a life cycle of planning, creating, using and educating others in good automation practises. The Automation in Testing Online course can offer learning opportunities for a wide range of people such as:
  • Those looking to get into automation
  • Those who already automate but are looking to improve their skills
  • Those who need to manage or coach others who build automation
This is achieved through a three week online training course that combines blended learning techniques to help you get the most out of our training. Throughout the course you’ll take part in:
  • Online classrooms with engaging activities that have you roleplaying as specialists in automation, tasked with automating a modern web application
  • Self-guided activities that will have you exploring a wide range of automation techniques, with support from your instructors
Throughout the online course, Richard and Mark offer their expert knowledge and share techniques and theory they use to succeed with automation whilst offering you the opportunity to explore the tools and ideas you want to learn.