99 Minute Workshop

Building - and Scaling - a Functional Test Automation Strategy

with Bertold Kolics

While it is useful - and fun - to dive into a new tool and create tests, I always suggest taking a step back and thinking through strategy first. We'll spend some time brainstorming together during this workshop!

Bertold Kolics
Software Quality Manager

What You'll Learn

By the end of this workshop you'll be able to:

  • How to critically think about your testing priorities
  • How to map key test cases
  • Identify opportunities to scale testing efforts

About This Workshop

As application development cycles continue to accelerate, testers must be lightning-fast when it comes to ensuring software quality. Approaches to testing are numerous and it’s difficult to make sense of where to start, and how to prioritize it all.

    In this workshop, you’ll create an automated testing strategy for a greenfield application. Throughout this session, you will:
  • Learn how to prioritize test scenarios
  • Break down test cases in automated testing
  • Map and identify testing gaps across your automated pipelines

If your team is getting started with test automation, this workshop will help you ask critical questions about your application to help you start - and scale - quickly.


We will likely use a tool called Mural, and it's recommended that you use this tool in Chrome on a desktop for the best experience for what we will be doing. More info from Mural here.

Your Instructor

Bertold Kolics

Bertold Kolics

Software Quality Manager

What are 99 Minute Workshops?

  • Instructor-led
  • Short
  • Targeted
  • Outcomes-based
  • Learn live with others
  • Convenient
  • Included in Pro

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