What You'll Learn

By the end of this workshop you'll be able to:

  • Write maintainable tests
  • Create the right abstractions for the objects your tests work with
  • Generate wrapper objects to improve Selenium usage
  • Leverage reliable synchronization strategies
  • Identify shortcuts for minimizing browser interactions

About This Workshop

Writing a good Automated Test Framework is extremely challenging. It often takes creating several problematic implementations before you find what actually works. Many frameworks authors end up optimizing the wrong things; things that need to be obvious are obfuscated and things that need to be abstracted are left repeated everywhere in the code.

In this workshop we’ll explore how to make a framework that is flexible enough to allow for necessary changes while providing enough guidance to minimize bad decisions by users.

Your Instructor

Titus Fortner

Titus Fortner

What are 99 Minute Workshops?

  • Instructor-led
  • Short
  • Targeted
  • Outcomes-based
  • Learn live with others
  • Convenient
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