Discussion: Growing Your Community

In this session, we’re joined by three guests who have a great deal of knowledge and experience in growing communities, including the Founder Boss Rosie SherryTristan Lombard and Lee Marshall.

Hosted by Gwen Diagram, the panel will be answering and discussing  questions about growing a community, such as:

  • The steps needed to start a community of practice
  • What hasn't gone so well, and how to avoid it?
  • How to be energetic running public events, when naturally shy and introverted?
  • What does it take to launch a community during a global pandemic and global protests for social equality?
  • How do you champion bringing value to your community members, while also articulating value for the business?
  • What advice do you have for enabling cross-functional teams in your org to become not only a part of the community, but feel like they own specific channels and initiatives?

This discussion will be influenced by you and other attendees chatting and posting your questions to the speakers, so join in and get the information and responses you need!  that you deserve!

This event is now archived. We are working on making this page more useful. If the event was recorded your best place to find it would be on the Learn Page.