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Learn the different ways in which we can reporting our testing to our teams and stakeholders

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Elizabeth Zagroba

Elizabeth Zagroba


Elizabeth is Quality Lead at Mendix in Rotterdam. She reviews and contributes code to a Python test automation repository for 15+ teams building Mendix apps across three units. She builds exploratory testing skills by asking pointed questions throughout the unit, facilitating workshops, and coordinating an ensemble (mob) testing practice. She injects what she learns from conferences, books, and meetups into her daily work, and spreads her knowledge through the company-wide Agile guild she facilitates. She's presented at conferences throughout North America and Europe, and co-organizes the Friends of Good Software conference (FroGS conf She coaches people to success when possible, but isn't afraid to direct when necessary. She's the go-to person for things like supporting new presenters, reviewing documentation, navigating tricky organizational questions, and thinking critically about what we're building. Her goal is to guide enough testers, leaders, etc. to make herself redundant so she can take on new and bigger challenges. You can find Elizabeth's big thoughts on her blog ( and little thoughts on Twitter @ezagroba.

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Elizabeth Zagroba
99 Minute Workshop
Elizabeth Zagroba

One of the goals of testing is to share what we've learnt with teams and stakeholders and to do this we can take advantage of a range of qualitative and quantitative approaches in our reporting. Such as publishing metrics from scripts, or sharing our testing stories. The key is to be able to offer the right information that our teams want to know.

In this workshop, we'll look at the range of reporting options available to us, how to negotiate with teams and stakeholders to give them the information they want without hampering our testing and how to put it together into a comprehensive testing report.

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All our 99-minute workshops are included with a Pro membership.

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