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  • Sergio Freire
  • Exploring the unknowns with Xray Exploratory App
    Sergio Freire
    99 Minute Workshop

    Exploring the unknowns with Xray Exploratory App


    99 Minute Workshop


    In this workshop, we’ll explore. As curious testers, trying to expose unknown risks in our products, exploring is one core activity of testing. We’ll have a brief overview of Exploratory Testing and how we can combine it with other approaches. 

    We’ll use Xray Exploratory App to assist during our exploratory testing. We’ll perform some testing in a target website and export results as a shareable PDF file, or even to Jira and Xray, so everyone within the team can see your testing results and assess their impacts on the related requirements or user stories.
    Before the session, you’ll receive some instructions. Please read and make sure you follow them to make your experience in the workshop seamless.


    • Understand exploratory testing essentials
    • Learn how to use Xray Exploratory App to assist you while performing exploratory testing
    • Learn how to share exploratory testing results with the rest of your team (in Jira)
    • Learn how to analyze results and their impact in Jira, using Xray


    Documentation on Xray can be found here: https://docs.getxray.app/display/XEA/Getting+Started 


    Sergio Freire
    Sergio Freire
    Solution Architect and Testing Advocate
    Sergio Freire is a Solution Architect and Testing Advocate, working closely with many teams worldwide from distinct yet highly demanding sectors (Automotive, Health, and Telco among others) to help them achieve great, high-quality, testable products. By understanding how organizations work, their needs, context and background, processes and quality can be improved, while development and testing can "merge" towards a common goal: provide the best product that stakeholders need.

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    Are the Workshops Recorded?

    Our 99-minute workshops are designed to be attended live. If you can’t make the scheduled time, we will add highlights of the workshop in the future once the workshops are complete.