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  • Bertold Kolics
  • How to Build a Culture of Quality
    Bertold Kolics
    99 Minute Workshop

    How to Build a Culture of Quality


    99 Minute Workshop


    The expertise of testers has evolved into a new strategic role as QA and QE become the final gatekeepers of product, responsible for ensuring users have an excellent experience and that new features are integrated seamlessly.

    As more teams adopt fast-paced delivery processes, testers are becoming even more critical as quality coaches. In this workshop, you’ll learn about all the ways quality can be embedded in your organization, and will build a plan to suit your own organization.

    If your team is navigating cultural change or is adopting processes like DevOps, this workshop will help you develop the steps to build a culture of quality on your team.


    • Prioritize your quality initiatives
    • Understand all the ways quality can be embedded in your team and processes
    • Build a plan for how you can champion quality in your organization


    We’ll be using Google Sheets to distribute a template so you can work on your individual plan during the workshop.


    Bertold Kolics
    Bertold Kolics
    Software Quality Manager

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    Are the Workshops Recorded?

    Our 99-minute workshpos are designed to be attended live. If you can’t make the scheduled time, it will stay available to replay in CrowdCast for 7 days. To get the most out of them, we highly recommend you attend them live.