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  • Lewis Prescott
  • Introduction to Contract Testing with Pact
    Lewis Prescott
    99 Minute Workshop

    Introduction to Contract Testing with Pact


    99 Minute Workshop


    Contract testing can be applied to API or messaging services, allowing you to test any integration point in isolation (https://docs.pact.io/#what-is-contract-testing). This technique is ideal for delivering services within a microservice architecture confidently, for example, an API client communicating with a web front-end.


    • Integration tests happen when code is ready to release and deployed to a test environment. Contracts are shared independently allowing you to release quickly and without environment dependencies.
    • API tests are created against static documentation, whereas contracts are dynamically generated by the consumer (e.g. front-end) whenever the interaction is changed.

    Introduce contract testing to your test suite, for these benefits and much more:

    • Open communication between microservices
    • Faster feedback
    • Fewer integration issues
    • Visualise consumers
    • Versioning made easy


    • Understand what contract testing is
    • Identify key differences between contract tests and integration tests
    • Run simple consumer driven contract test


    Lewis Prescott
    Lewis Prescott
    QA Lead
    I'm an experienced QA Lead at Cera Care (one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies), having worked across different industries including Healthcare, Non-profit, Retail and PropTech. I am also a course author on Test Automation University & Udemy, sharing my knowledge is a passion of mine.

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    Are the Workshops Recorded?

    Our 99-minute workshops are designed to be attended live. If you can’t make the scheduled time, we will add highlights of the workshop in the future once the workshops are complete.