Masterclass | From Testing Hell to Testing Well - Adopting Whole Team Approach to Testability | Rob Meaney

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In today's competitive landscape, where failure can be catastrophic and speed to market is a critical business advantage, development teams are under more pressure than ever to get software from concept to customer in as short a time frame as possible. The speed with which teams can safely get changes into Production is constrained by their understanding of the implications of those changes.

So how do high performing teams achieve the seemingly impossible task of delivering valuable software with increasing speed and frequency without compromising quality?

To deliver changes safely, quickly and in a sustainable manner, teams need to adopt a relentless focus on Testability, eliminating anything that makes testing difficult, slow, wasteful or less trustworthy.

A whole team focus on Testability shortens feedback loops, accelerates learning while enabling more robust automation as well as deep, meaningful testing.

In this masterclass, Rob will recount his testability journey and the lessons he has learned. He will present the models, exercises and workshops he used extensively as a test coach to build a whole team focus on testability.


  • Testers need to understand, advocate & inform their team about testability.
  • Developers and managers need to understand the impact of testing debt on the teams' productivity in order to prioritise testability appropriately.
  • A focus on testability facilitates deep testing and fast, reliable automation.
  • How development teams can apply the CODS testability model to identify and address architectural testability problems.
  • How development teams can apply the 10 Ps testability model to get a holistic view of the team testing experience so they can experiment and self-correct.
Rob Meaney

Rob Meaney is a tester that loves tough testing and software delivery problems. He works with teams to help create products that customers love and know they can rely upon. Although he enjoys learning about software delivery, in general, he’s particularly interested in Quality Engineering, Test Coaching, Testability, and Testing in Production.

Currently, he’s working as Head of Testing & Test Coach for Poppulo in Cork, Ireland. He’s a regular conference speaker, an active member of the online testing community and co-founder of Ministry of Test Cork.

Previously he has held positions as Test Manager, Automation Architect and Test Engineer with companies of varying sizes, from large multinationals like Intel, Ericsson & EMC to early-stage startups like Trustev. He has worked in diverse areas from highly regulated industries like safety automation & fraud detection to dynamic, exciting industries like gaming.