Masterclass: Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance: How to Effectively Deliver Unbelievable Test Results with Richard Strang

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Richard Strang

Richard Strang

QA Guild Leader


Cognitive Dissonance is the mental discomfort experienced by a person who attempts to hold two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. As testers, we are often in the position of inducing cognitive dissonance in our stakeholders when we present them with evidence that their system is not ready for production, when they were confident that everything was on track and going well. So how can we present "unbelievable" test results in a way that will not only convince our audience but also spur them to take the steps required to bring their project back to a "believable" state? In this presentation, the speaker will explore several techniques for presenting test results that will educate and enlighten the recipients, without any danger of causing mental distress.


  • Your audience will pay attention to your test results, and take action based on your information
  • You will be comfortable delivering the hard messages
  • You will avoid being the messenger who gets killed, instead you will be appreciated
Richard Strang
Richard Strang has 25 years of software quality assurance experience. He considers himself a professional tester. Starting in the test automation tools space immediately after university graduation, he has worked with a broad array of organizations as a tester, QA Manager, QA Architect, QA Process Specialist, & QA Guild Leader. Richard's goal is to learn something new every day, and the best way to reinforce that learning is to teach it to someone else. So you will often find him talking and listening about testing topics with anyone who will engage. Richard has been CSTE certified since 2011.