Masterclass: Reporting on Testing & Quality with Lucian Adrian Stroie

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Lucian Adrian Stroie

Lucian Adrian Stroie

Technology Lead


If you like your work, chances are that you also take pride and want to have the results of your work is known and appreciated. When testing software many times the result of our work is little more than a report.

This is why we as testers are often in the position of investing a lot in our work just to have most of the credit blown away by poor reporting. So, what can we do to present our work, our results and even our insights in a way that makes justice to all the work and dedication invested?

In this Masterclass, Lucian will explore several aspects and techniques for making reporting on testing and quality, in general, more impactful.


  • You will learn how to model your stakeholders and their expectations
  • You will learn several options to build, structure and deliver your report
  • You will learn how to make your reporting work easier and more impactful
Lucian Adrian Stroie
The important things are mindsets! They will change you!” is Lucian’s motto. He is currently working at R/GA where he has the opportunity to work with new technologies, brilliant design people and crafty developers, this blend resulting in award-winning & innovative user experiences. His journey into testing started in 2005, and since then he took an interest in many things related to testing & agile His testing experience covers a wide range, from networking & embedded to mobile apps, going through security and desktop applications. His recent interest is in exploring the interaction between users, computer interfaces, and data-driven methods (e.g. AI, ML). You can connect further on Twitter (@lucianadrian) or through his blog (