Masterclass: Test Environments Management with Docker with Tomasz Konieczny

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Why do we automate regression tests? One of the reasons may be to save time in comparison to repetitive manual execution of them. What about automating the process of creation and management of test environments? That’s where Infrastructure as Code concept appears. During the Masterclass, you will see how Docker can simplify your everyday work and how Docker can make the management of test environments easier.


  • A basic introduction to Docker - what are containers and how to use them properly?
  • Infrastructure as Code - how to control infrastructure with code?
  • Docker-compose - how to easily create and manage dockerized application environments?
  • Docker multi-stage build and Docker-compose layers - how to customize environments and make them reusable?
Tomasz Konieczny
Senior QA Engineer specializing in test automation. Interested in a wide range of QA related subjects - from test architecture to server setups. DevOps and automation enthusiast. Privately Linux user interested in open-source software and technology. Speaker at multiple conferences: TestCon Moscow, Testing Stage, What The H@ck, Testing United, Devoxx Poland, 4Developers, TestWarez (four times), Warsaw IT Days, TestCamp, TestFest, ConSelenium (twice), PyCode and Quality Excites.