Masterclass: Testing and Quality: Correlation does not equal Causation with Theresa Neate

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Theresa Neate

Theresa Neate

QA Practice Lead


How often have you heard: “Our quality is poor, we need more testing (or testers).”

When you hear this, know that this indicates not only a Spurious Correlation but also a fundamental misunderstanding of what testing is or does. Come on this journey with Theresa where she explores the above claim, walking you through 1. Testing, 2. Quality, and 3. Building in Quality.


  • Testing is feedback only, not assurance
  • Testing should be continuous
  • How to engage humans in intelligent testing
  • Although reactive, testing is still disciplined
  • Quality can be built in (tips on how)
  • Testing and Building in Quality go hand in hand
Theresa Neate

Theresa Neate is a QA practice lead & developer advocate - with several years of leadership experience - who loves lean and agility and advocates for holistic system quality and systems thinking.

Her recent experience includes developer advocacy for an internal developer cohort (supporting an internal Application Platform) and QA practice leadership for commercial and platform teams. Her background spans 2 decades of testing and QA hands-on and leadership experience; the last decade spent between the ThoughtWorks consultancy stable, Australia Post’s Digital Delivery Centre and since early 2016 has been at digital media icon REA Group.

In her spare time Theresa recently completed a Diploma of Networking, has blogged for TechTarget DevOpsAgenda, sat on their Advisory Board, and co-organises and contributes at DevOps Girls.

She’s a lifelong and eternally curious sceptic and learner.