Note Takers – Mobile Testing, with host Rahul Parwal  banner image

Note Takers – Mobile Testing, with host Rahul Parwal

Read, reflect and share together
12:30 - 13:30 GMT
Location: Online

Join a group note-taking session.

Fellow testing professionals read articles and write notes together in real time on a collaborative writing tool.  

And for this round of Note Takers, we'll explore articles about Mobile Testing, for those who want to expand their knowledge.

Here's how it works:

  1. We join a shared virtual room
  2. Rahul Parwal (your host) shares an article link
  3. All participants put themselves on mute and read and capture their notes on a collaborative note-taking tool (Google Docs)
  4. We pause after a timebox and collectively discuss/debrief our reflections
  5. Repeat with more articles until we get to the end of the session

By the end of this session you'll have the following:

  • Discovered helpful information related to Mobile Testing
  • Appreciated other perspectives on the topic 
  • Made a few connections with fellow Pro members
  • A comprehensive set of notes to take away