Discussion: Security Testing

In this session, we’re joined by three guests who have a great deal of knowledge and experience in Security Testing: Saskia Coplans, Anne Oikarinen & James Bore.

Hosted by Vernon Richards, the panel will be answering and discussing your burning questions about Security in Testing, such as:

  • How can you use security by design principles and risk management to focus testing effort as effectively as possible?
  • What do data contracts mean for testing?
  • Why there are so many different security testing tools?
  • What’s the difference between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing?
  • What kind of testing is security testing actually?
  • Why do we need security testing if we do code reviews? 
  • Can we automate all security testing?

Who knows which way the discussion will go, but be there to influence it by chatting with other attendees and posting your own questions to the speakers.

This event is now archived. We are working on making this page more useful. If the event was recorded your best place to find it would be on the Learn Page.