In this session, we’re joined by three guests who have a great deal of knowledge and experience in Security Testing: Saskia Coplans, Anne Oikarinen & James Bore.

Hosted by Vernon Richards, the panel will be answering and discussing your burning questions about Security in Testing, such as:

  • How can you use security by design principles and risk management to focus testing effort as effectively as possible?
  • What do data contracts mean for testing?
  • Why there are so many different security testing tools?
  • What’s the difference between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing?
  • What kind of testing is security testing actually?
  • Why do we need security testing if we do code reviews? 
  • Can we automate all security testing?

Who knows which way the discussion will go, but be there to influence it by chatting with other attendees and posting your own questions to the speakers.

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  • Saskia Coplans
  • Anne Oikarinen
  • James Bore
  • Panel Discussion: Security Testing
    Saskia Coplans, Anne Oikarinen, James Bore

    Panel Discussion: Security Testing






    Saskia Coplans
    Saskia Coplans
    Founder and Security Consultant
    Saskia is the Cofounder and Director of Digital Interruption and REXScan, and is the Director of Innovation for Data Science, AI and Cyber and HOST Salford. Saskia has over ten years experience in information security and governance along with standards and policy development. She has worked across Europe and Central Asia for Governments, NGO’s, Regulators and the Private Sector and presents at events and conferences world wide. She sits on the Greater Manchester Cyber Advisory Group, the Board of OWASP Manchester and the Infosec Hoppers and is a Copresenter on the Greyhats Podcast. 
    Anne Oikarinen
    Anne Oikarinen
    Senior Security Consultant

    Anne Oikarinen is a Senior Security Consultant who works with security and software development teams to help them design and develop secure software. Anne believes that cyber security is an essential part of software quality.

    After working several years in a security software development team in various duties such as testing, test management, training, network design and product owner tasks, Anne focused her career fully on cyber security. In her current job at Nixu Corporation, Anne divides her time between hacking and threat analysis - although as network geek, she will also ensure that your network architecture is secure. Anne also has experience on incident response and security awareness after working in the National Cyber Security Centre of Finland.

    Anne holds a Master of Science (Technology) degree in Communication Networks and Protocols from Tampere University of Technology, Finland.

    James Bore
    James Bore
    Cyber security hygienist, technical debt collector, and CAPSLOCK tutor with occasional sidelines in brewing and beekeeping to round out the day.