TestBash Manchester is back, after the roaring success of last year, we had to!
We're continuing our experiment in Manchester and the North, by adding some workshops to this year's event.
So this year's event is going to be a two-day event with some pre-training and an Open Space on Saturday.

We'll be hosting Rapid Software Testing with Michael Bolton before the conference, from Monday the 23rd - Wednesday the 25th.

We also have an exciting new class called Exploratory Testing 101 from the Software Testing Clinic, this class is on Thursday 26th October.

The Thursday is a workshop day, there are six half-day workshops to choose from.

The Friday will repeat the pattern of last year, a single track conference consisting of ten talks, followed by some drinks!

On Saturday we will again be hosting an Open Space, a fantastic opportunity to talk about the topics that interest you and get help from speakers and other attendees.

On both days you can expect a wonderful community to come together in a friendly, professional and safe environment. We think you'll feel right at home when you arrive!

Expand the talks below to get more information, conference day starts from £299, including the workshops from £599. Tickets are limited!

The venue is The Lowry Theatre


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