Join Callum as Vernon asks him all your questions around the topic of Exploratory Testing. Callum armed with his 13 years of experience across multiple domains from finance to public safety is ready to take your question. His technical skills and a keen interest in exploratory testing techniques are backed up with a passion for team engagement and the advocation for the integration of testers into agile teams. Using his background in psychology, Callum engages teams with quality narratives surrounding human factors; providing insights on how individual and diverse users will engage and experience their products in different ways. In his spare time, he’s also a kick-ass Dungeon Master for the charity SurvivorsUK.

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  • Callum Akehurst-Ryan
  • Testing Ask Me Anything - Exploratory Testing
    Callum Akehurst-Ryan

    Testing Ask Me Anything - Exploratory Testing




    Some questions you might consider asking include: How can I plan for and control my exploratory testing so that it’s not just chaotically clicking about? How can I work out what information is useful to share with the team? Can I use exploratory testing along with traditional manual testing tools and techniques (like quality centre or test rail?) How can I sell the idea of exploratory testing to my teams and managers?


    Callum Akehurst-Ryan
    Callum Akehurst-Ryan
    Senior QA Tester
    I’m an exploratory tester and a kick ass Dungeon Master. I’m also known for my shirts.

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