Testing Ask Me Anything - Test Leadership with Butch Mayhew

Join Butch Mayhew as Vernon asks him all your questions around the topic of Test Leadership.    Make sure you follow the registration link to Crowdcast to ask your questions! 

Hi! I’m Butch. I've been in management roles over the last 6 years. I have led multiple teams over these years, including hiring and promoting testers and developers, growing teams to meet the needs of the projects.  I have transitioned to the Director of Software Test,  I lead three Test managers, one of  which had limited leadership experience, but I was able to support her and promoted her into a Test Manager role, where she is thriving!

I've had the unique opportunity to integrate existing development and test teams into our teams and processes. During this time I've been exposed to a lot of different ways of organizing teams, testing software, with different levels of strategy and test automation.


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