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Our host Vernon Richards will be joined by Elizabeth Zagroba to answer all your questions.

In an Agile/DevOps environment, you have more opportunities than ever to report about testing. You catch a missing requirement in a refinement session. You point things out as you pair or ensemble. You’re telling people about what you did during stand-up. Your pipeline turns red and rejects a commit.

Elizabeth will uncover some of the ways you are delivering information about the quality of your software and about how testing is going. Let's explore the many different forms a test report can take, and how you can make them more effective.


Some example questions and themes you may wish to ask include:

  • What forms can a test report take?
  • What do people tend to miss in test reporting?
  • Do you have a template I can use?
  • How does a test report relate to the test plan or strategy?
  • Does the thing my pipeline generate a test report?


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