Testing Ask Me Anything - Testing Essentials with Dan Ashby

Join Dan Ashby as Vernon asks him all your questions around the topic of Testing Essentials.    Hi! I’m Dan. I’m a testing and quality enthusiast, currently working in the Director of Quality Services role at Ada Health (a Health Tech company that create Ai driven health assessment and care navigation software). I’ve worked in the testing and quality realm for a long time, and have been learning and teaching in the testing community for just as long. For the past 5 years Mark Winteringham and I have been focusing on building up a comprehensive course (initially starting with free monthly meet-ups to build a curriculum, and evolving it to become a series of online courses, a learning pathway, around the essentials of testing. I just find it so rewarding helping new people to break into the craft of testing, get new fulfilling jobs and careers, help existing testers fill gaps in their knowledge and skills, and also with helping people step up into mentoring!


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