Connect with fellow testers during This Week in Testing. Let's catch up on a voice-only chat to debrief what's been happening in the testing community this week.

Listen in like a radio show or join the stage to become part of the conversation.

Simon Tomes (Ministry of Testing's CommunityBoss) is your host and would love to chat with you. 🎙️🎧

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Code of Conduct for this event?

Absolutely. All Ministry of Testing events require participants to agree and adhere to this Code of Conduct. We create inclusive, friendly, safe and supportive environments for all, based on treating all individuals as good human beings.

How do I join in?

Register for the event using the "Register" button. View the "Join details" section and follow the link to LinkedIn where the event is hosted. 

Can I just listen in?

Sure. There is no pressure to join the stage to chat. 

I have something to say, how do I join the stage?

Request to join the stage via the "Raise hand" button. The host will see that you've requested and will bring you onto the stage. You can then leave the stage whenever you like. 

What devices are supported?

The event is hosted on LinkedIn. View more information about supported operating systems and devices for the LinkedIn mobile app and supported Internet Browsers for LinkedIn.

Can I also text chat whilst listening?

Head over to the dedicated This Week in Testing chat channel on The Club. Keep both windows open to follow along with the chat too. 

Is the session recorded? 

No, not at this stage. For now, join live so you can get involved and connect with fellow testers. Consider sharing your notes on The Club for the benefit of the community. 

I have a topic I'd like to discuss or think we should discuss. Can I let you know in advance?

Yes. We welcome suggestions for topics of discussion. What have you read, heard or experienced this week? Email or leave a comment on the LinkedIn event page you registered with.